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LiMIT formally Lotus Magma Magazine 

Celebrating invention and production in the digital age.

The full story of Lotus Magma

Lotus Magma was the brain child of Kelly Foxhall. In 2009 she started a small online magazine and it grew very quickly into 5 Sub-domains, 4 ventures, 3 books, 2 awards and 1 International magazine. The idea behind it was to help authors and student journalists to gain much needed experience, which was very hard to find. It was also a campaign to help with fair judging in art competitions/exhibits, as well as raising the profile of digital art to 'fine art' status. 

Receiving 500k hits per month, the magazine had 13 brilliant writers who were not scared to go out there and writer about new things, review artists as well as interview. White Valentine, Avery Watts and many more headlined the magazine, but why did it end??? In three words, time, resources and energy. So it was decided to take a little break. Three years to be exact, and during that time many things happened. 

For Kelly, she got married, had a baby, became involved in other ventures and campaigns, and many charity swims. 

For the writers, some went on to further education, others gained professional positions at publishing companies, some started their own professional blogs/vlogs and we even had a few published authors - the work overall was astounding and very inspirational. 

Off the Cuff magazine is back with a new logo, new design, layout and content... well nearly new, there are around 40 legacy articles from the old magazine. BUT, we need some more writers, and in exchange for their services, writers gain experience, SEO, profit sharing, free advertising for their websites/blogs/vlogs, job references, further education references, free proofing of articles or coursework submission and much more. Please get in touch with us if you would like to be apart of the new team.

Lotus Magma's previous writers were: 

Ali Chambers, Chris Weir, Chris McKee, Diane Rigby, Alice Quintana, Claire Basarich, Ross Corkin, Faye Chapman, Jessica Mitchell, Jonathan Currinn, Liam Mckenna, Louisa Bishop and Oscar Streek.

Lotus Magma

London, UK